Victoria stars as Celimene in david ives' The school for lies at the shakespeare theatre company, directed by michael kahn.

Victoria starts rehearsals next week for To-by-For's NYC premiere of Dipika Guha's fiercely funny and beautiful play, Mechanics of love!


Victoria stars as Marianne in Constellations at the Old Globe. 

" seems doubtful there’s a universe in which Frings isn’t completely charming, assured and agile in her portrayal of Marianne. Her range and grasp of the character (in its many iterations) is especially arresting in a series of scenes where she alternately rejects and accepts Roland’s proposal of marriage, going from coolly dismissive to flustered to adorably gleeful, with an ecstatic physical vocabulary to match." - San Diego Union Tribune

Victoria joins FPA's Martin Luther on Trial at the Pearl Theatre in New York City. She plays Kate, Luther's loving, smart and enterprising wife. 

Victoria finally gets to step in to Jane Austen's delightful Pride and Prejudice, as none other than resident mean girl Caroline Bingley at Baltimore Center Stage. 

"Peacock mannerisms are infused into Victoria Frings’ portrayal of Miss Caroline Bingley, strutting through the halls at Netherfield and around the various balls. These proud birdlike qualities informs the biting, albeit sarcastically humorous, attitude that possesses Frings’ voice every time she speaks." - Theatre Bloom