To-By-For Productions is a female-driven, Brooklyn-based production company dedicated to telling stories through a non-male lens, to subverting the patriarchal blueprints of traditional storytelling and to exploring how form enhances understanding.  

Since their inception, producers Victoria Frings and Anastasia Olowin have produced two premiere plays, Stitches by Leah Franqui and Mechanics of Love by Dipika Guha; an original cabaret, Marie Marie Marlene, created by Frings and Olowin; and the After Ever After Web Series. All their work to date has been a meditation on dualities: self-help vs. self harm, love vs. control, biography vs. autobiography, romantic paradigms vs. reality. They are currently developing a fully devised piece exploring the relationship between scientific wonder and skepticism, between fact and fiction, and between the tangible and the ephemeral.


Distraction Lab is a collaboration with director Joe Pickard. It is an experiment in short-form content, meant to help you waste your time, meaningfully.