photo by Joe Pickard

Marie Marie Marlene, a Dietrich Cabaret

When two women are obsessed with Marlene Dietrich, can the celebrity continue to control her narrative and sculpt her public image from beyond the grave?

Created by Anastasia Olowin and Victoria Frings

Script by Victoria Frings

An Out 

A short screenplay by Victoria frings

A cheeky twist on the coming out narrative, and a love letter to a future in which being "straight" is not the default sexual orientation.

slated to film fall of 2016. 


a screenplay by victoria frings

One woman's joy is another woman's nightmare. Otherhood explores the seemingly small but trying challenges that stand between a woman and her desire to not have children.


Victoria has also contributed essays to online publications, exploring the ins and outs of a career as an actor and producer. 

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